Pomora Foodie Show Radio Interview

< Blog Home Article by Pomora - Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019

Last week, Alun from Pomora did an interview with a local radio station Phoenix98 FM, hosted by the lovely Karin Ridgers from Veggie Vision.  Also present was Corrie from Corrie's Rabbit Food.  Many thanks to both ladies for their enchanting company.

It's fair to say that a wide range of food topics were discussed.  Corrie talked through growing up in a vegetarian household and how vegetarian and vegan options in restaurants have significantly increased over the last few years.  Plus her favourite vegetarian recipes.  

Alun talked through the different kinds of olive olive and what defines Extra Virgin.  They also sampled some of the Pomora olive oils with Alun talking through how to taste olive oil.

Finally, Karin played some great retro music to intersperse the foodie chat!

Please have a listen, link below. 

Listen here