Springtime Flowering of Camelo's Olives

< Blog Home Article by Carmelo - Date: Wed, 06 May 2015

Just like an animal slowly awakening from its winter hibernation, the flowers on the olives have started to come out to say hello now that Springtime is here.  Carmelo, equally as excited as we here at Pomora are, has just sent us some pictures of the initial flowering of his olives - in around 2 weeks time the flowers should be fully open and complete.

Now that Spring is upon us, temperatures in Sicily have started to rise and are now between 16-20 degrees.  This warmer temperature has certainly encouraged the flowers to come out - let's just hope there is not a massive heatwave all year and so that the olives will stay protected.  We are not worried however as our farmers are great technicians and will still produce fantastic olive oil regardless of the weather that is thrown upon them!

Natures runs a slow awakening in Sicily