Update From Carmelo In Sicily - Olives Looking Good!

< Blog Home Article by Carmelo - Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2017

After two summers of extreme heat for Carmelo in Sicily (and for Antonio in Campania for that matter), Summer 2017 has been warm but bearable, with average temperatures of 33-36°C, occasionally tipping over 40 degrees.  With such temperatures previously, it is a great testament to both the Pomora growers that they have managed to deliver such wonderful olive oil.

For Carmelo, the new olives are looking good so far ("dio buona qualita") - see the picture above - but great care is still needed to look after the olive.  Although it has not rained since March the expectations are for a good year, which is great for everyone.

We're already looking forward to the harvest in late Autumn and more importantly tasting the olio nuovo soon after.