Update On The Olive Harvest From Siciliy

< Blog Home Article by Pomora - Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2019

Carmelo has given us an update on the olives growing for the 2019 campaign and predictions are better than last year.  We can't wait!  

In May in Sicily there were winter temperatures with cold weather and some rain, something that is very unusual for the Catania region.  Things changed dramatically the following month in June with very high, midsummer temperatures.  This resulted in damaging the olive flowers, considerably reducing production.  It's a good job Carmelo is such an expert!

The collection of the olives for 2019 will start at the beginning of October, with a lower production quantity, but more importantly a prediction for excellent quality.  The high olive oil quality is due - obviously because of Carmelo's wizardry - to the high summer temperatures preventing the spread of the oil fly, which has severely damaged the olives in other parts of Italy.

We are really excited for Carmelo's new olive oil...